Tourist Places at Kolhapur

Visiting Kolhapur is experiencing the magical amalgamation of Nature, History, Culture and Spirituality all at one place. Kolhapur has something to offer for every type of tourism. Mediate climate, Convenient location makes visiting Kolhapur easy. Marathi is the primary language of communication, however people are well versed with Hindi and English as well. Visiting Kolhapur you can't afford to miss these attractions :

Religious Places

Kolhapur is also known as "Dakshin Kashi" for its High Religious and Spiritual Importance. Goddess Mahalaxmi Ambabai is the guardian deity of Kolhapur. We are also blessed with various temples and religious places which make visiting Kolhapur none less then a pilgrimage. See more details below:

Historical Places

Kolhapur is also a place of great Historical Importance. Right from Shivaji Maharaj to Shahu Maharaj, Kolhapur has lived a marvelous life which has left marks on the culture and architecture of the city to great extent. The stories of Great Shivaji or the Social Reforms of Shahu Maharaj, all can be seen and felt at Kolhapur.

Lakes & Rivers

Kolhapur is situated on the banks of River Panchganga. It also has various Lakes in and around the city which add to the beauty and grandeur of the place. Leisure and pleasure are the worlds which describe the time you will spend at these spots.

Other Places

Visiting Kolhapur you can also take time to visit these places.


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