Shivaji University

Kolhapur is a cultural stage! In 1963, the late Hon. Yashawantrao Chavan and Balasaheb Desai took the lead in establishing this University. Sangli, Satara & Sholapur come under its jurisdiction. Raised in 1000 acres, this is an achievement in the Maharashtra Educational field. Besides the main Office, Barrister Khardekar Library, Humanity Building, Biology Building, Cultural Hall, Hostels for pupils 5 Ladies are skillfully raised. There is a special hall for convocation ceremony. The statue of Shivaji Maharaj mounted upon a horse near the main building is a special splendor. The university has beauty of nature on account of trees, creepers, flowering & fruit trees. Each year 1,25,000 candidates appear for the various exams. For that sections of administration, accounts, stores control, finance work. Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Student's representative, Governor representative 5 many others control the administration.


Tourist Places of Kolhapur

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