Supremacy of Jansurajya Shakti Party

Posted By: Suraj on Feb 29, 2012 in Latest News

The Government Loan departments who give loans to ones who keep land as security deposit have speedup their decision making and process of giving loans. This decision was result of the efforts taken by Resident Deputy Collector Shri Sanjay Pawar.

This proposal regarding the loan department was given to Tahsildar Shri Hindurao Patil. This proposal stated that Government land is been distributed to Sevabhavi Sansthas, individuals and other organizations. For utilization of these lands, government officials had decided earlier to measure these lands and give loans.

After all this, there is still a huge delay in loan process and the owners have to face various problems of Development, Repairs, Maintenance and Sale. Any approval of loan regarding these lands need the consent of Tahsildar and so, many loan proposals do not get approval at all. This process should speedup as suggested by Resident Deputy Collector Shri Sanjay Pawar.

Here, Jansurajya District Head Sanjay Patil, Anil Kavale, B. S. Patil, Mahadev Gandugade, Taahir Mujawar, Anna Mangave, Shankar Magdum and other important officials were present.

Shri Vinay Kore (born October 4, 1971, Sangli) is the leader of the Jan Surajya Shakti Party of Warananagar, Maharashtra, India. Also, He is the Chairman of the Warana Group of Industries & has played role of Minister of Non-Conventional Energy & Horticulture, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Tatyasaheb Kore was the first one to bring a sugar factory to the area nearly 50 years ago and now its turnover is around Rs. 250 crore. Warananagar is now an engineering and agricultural town. This small upcoming town, houses the Warana dairy, an engineering college, arts and science college, pharmacy college, dental college, several schools, an agricultural goods processing cooperative society, cooperative supermarket, a fruit pulp factory, paper factory, a distillery where industrial alcohol is made and so on — the list is endless.

It is also where Lijjat Papad and Bournvita have their factories. In collaboration with GOI, Warana Vibhag Shiksan Mandal started Wired Village Project in 1997, which links 70 villages in the area with internet and enables use of various custom built applications to share data across. Its applications relate to agriculture produce, schemes, and crop technology.

The project, the first in Asia, costs Rs 2.5 crore and was funded by the central (50%) and state governments (40%). Due to his growing influence in the area, NCP did not put up a candidate against him when he contested as an independent and won from Panhala in Kolhapur district.



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