Shri P. N. Patil turns 57

Posted By: Suraj on Jan 07, 2012 in Latest News

Shri P.N.Patil turns 57Shri P. N. Patil is one of the best known former MLAs in Maharashtra. Today is very important day when he and his supporters celebrate his birthday. Past decades, Shri P. N. Patil (Sadolikar) is associated in social works in Kolhapur city. He has a strong problem solving talent and he is most successful and one of the best former MLAs of Maharashtra.

KolhapurWorld gives best wishes to Shri P. N. Patil. He is an essential part of the Karveer Constituency. He is also Head of District Congress (I) Committee and Former KDCC president. Many leading politicians and industrialists gathered to honor and celebrate his birthday.

He has been successful in all his movements. When Shri P. N. Patil was MLA, he became a medium for the common people to find the solution for their problems. He promised that with the order and guidance of Senior Politicians, he will try to improve the entire scene of Kolhapur District. He has succeeded to quite an extent in keeping his word.

Congress care takers Shri Ahmed Patel, Shri Mohan Prakash, Central Govt. Minister Shri Anand Sharma, Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Shri Sushilkumar Shinde, Shri Pratik Patil, Chief Minister Shri Pruthviraj Chauhan, Cabinet Minister Shri Harshvardhan Patil, Forest Minister Shri Patangrao Kadam, Shri Madhukarrao Chauhan, Shri Ramesh Bagav, Shri Baba Sidhiqqi, Tripura’s Governor Dr. D.Y. Patil and other important people wished Shri P. N. Patil.

Chh. Shahu Maharaj, Chh. Sambhajiraje, Shri Mahadevrao Mahadik, Former MLA Shri Bajrang Desai, Shri Dinkarrao Jadhav, Shri Malojiraje, Shri Sanjay Ghatge, Chairman of Gokul Shri Arun Dongale, Director Shri Arun Narke, Shri Anadrao Patil Chuyekar, Shri Vishwasrao Patil, Shri Rajkumar Hattarki, Shri Ravindra Apte, Shri Dilip Patil, Shri Dhairyashil Desai, Shri Dinkar Kambale, Shri Ranjitsingh Patil, Shri Nivasrao Patil, Shri P. D. Dhundare, Shri Sureshrao Patil, Noted Industrialist Shri Dhananjay Mahadik, Shri D.V. Ghanekar, Shri Mohan Yadav, Former Mayor Shri Digambar Farakate, Shri Sharangdhar Deshmukh, Shri Ranjit Parmar, Shri Vijay Bondre, Shri Amit Shinde, Shri Nivas Salonkhe, Shri Babasaheb Patil, Shri Krushnarao Kirulkar, Shri Hindurao Chougale, Shri Ravikiran Ingavle, Shri Abhijeet Taishette, Shri Sudhakar Salonkhe, Shri Dhiraj Dongale, Shri Vijaysingh Dongale, Shri Sandeep Dongale and many important politicians, industrialists, businessmen, social workers and dignitaries gathered to celebrate and honor Shri P. N.Patil on account of his birthday.



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  • Sardar R.Patil Varange Padali. Feb 04, 2012 

    P.N Saheb Aap Age badhi hum aapake sath hai !

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