Migrating birds are on the way of migrating from Kolhapur

Posted By: SP Sir on Feb 24, 2013 in Latest News

During the winter tourism season of the Kolhapur, migrating birds are among the prime tourist attractions of Kolhapur city. Since so many decades a huge number of migrating birds are finding nature rich places of Kolhapur such as Rankala Talav, Kalamba Talav, open space of Shivaji University, Panhala, Radhanagar I and Gaganbawada etc. most suitable for their winter habitat. We have to keep this in our mind that all of these places of Kolhapur are hot and most visited tourist spots of Kolhapur city and district. Presence of migrating birds there was tempted the bird lovers for Kolhapur tour. In short we can say that these migrating avian were playing an important role in boosting the tourism industry of the Kolhapur.
In the recent years this has been observed that these migrating birds are on the way of migrating from the Kolhapur. According to Shri Faruk Mehter of Green Guard, the institution has made a survey in the year 2006 and found 106 migrating bird species in the region of Rankala Talav. In this winter hardly 25 migrating bird species are observable at same region with Common Teaal being the most prominent among these birds. He further says that he assume that about 60 to 70 migrating bird species are not coming to Kolhapur since few years of recent past.
We often say and read at several places “Smoking is injurious to health” but never thought of the pollution caused by uncontrolled increase in number of automobile vehicles and huge constant increase graph of city population. Kolhapur is getting vigorous expansion on the industrial fronts and even on the tourism fronts. This is resulting in the growth of pollution of environment. Just think we prefer hilly reasons for a holiday just because of refreshing cool & fresh atmosphere there if these hilly travel destinations get the same environment which we are used to suffer and live in our city, no one will go there. Same thing is happening with these migratory birds at Kolhapur, they are not finding the pullulated environment of city worth for their winter vacation.
Surely time has come to think seriously about the number of automobile vehicles, ever and constant growing city population and other reasons which are adding a reason in increase of air and water pollution.



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