She is back on roads

Posted By: SP Sir on Mar 13, 2013 in Latest News

Since the last nine days Kolhapur citizens were living without her, roads were appearing traffic less in her absence and a lot of day to day works were hanged to suspension status. Visitors of the city and natives going out of city or coming back to home were facing problems just because she was off the roads.
Finally the deadlock of nine days long auto strike of city broke yesterday and by the evening auto rickshaws were back on the roads, all citizens started to take breath of relief. Since the past nine days auto rickshaw unions of the city had called indefinite strike to protest the compulsion of installing the e-meter.
The unions were demanding that either this compulsion should be lifted or government should bear the price of e-meter. The state government was not in mood of responding to either of demand in affirmative way just because this compulsion was the order of Supreme Court of India and this is not easy for any state government to disobey or alter this order. Government was also not able to say that we are going to bear the price of the e-meter as this was not a question limited to Kolhapur Auto Rickshaw, accepting this demand for Kolhapur means giving space to rising of same demand from various other cities of the state.
Finally a settlement was brought to central stage as it is learned that Congress party is going to bear 25% of price of e-meter and same share will be given by the NCP, here this must be noted that coalition of these two parties is governing in the state. According to reports talks of state CM with e-meter manufacturing companies resulted in reducing the price from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 2500.
Rickshaw union leaders are in mood of celebrating this as the victory and government is looking at the situation as the success in resolving the problem. This is fact that Auto Rickshaw drivers of Kolhapur are honest but this honesty in terms of charging the proper fare is under the cover of deep clouds of doubts. Anyhow citizens can now be relieved just because she is back on the roads.



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